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Mulch, Mainely Hay/Straw No Weed Bale


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Lucerne Farms Mulch Products — Premium Ground Cover and Mainely Mulch

A Lawn and Garden’s Best Friend
Grown in beautiful Northern Maine both ground cover products, Mainely Mulch and Premium Ground Cover, offer a special blend of chopped straw, timothy, and alfalfa hay perfect for your lawn and garden. Heat treated to help minimize germination, our products are 100% natural and Mother Earth friendly, giving you more then just shredded straw mulch in a bag.
Protect Your Seed & Soil This Season
Premium Ground Cover and Mainely Mulch do more than cover your ground like other shredded straw mulch. Our blends enrich the soil, adding valuable nutrients and encouraging beneficial earthworms, bringing harmony to your lawn and garden due to the unique combination of hay and straw. Our straw and hay ground cover products are lightweight and easy to apply. Our mulch products protect newly sown grass seed from birds and the threat of being washed away or drying out. They also help conserve moisture and help prevent weeds from springing up in your garden.
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